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Is there a sequel to Dead of Night/Twilight? Would love to find out how Samuel triumphs.
Greg <>
Glengarry, Tas AUSTRALIA -
I'd like to share a bit about Brendan's new collaboration with James Patterson, called "The Witnesses". I loved this story! The action builds in an exciting and engaging way that keeps the reader guessing (and some of my guesses were wrong). The characters are very well developed and the reader can easily empathize with their experiences. As a frequent mystery story reader, I really enjoyed this quick read, and finished it in a few sittings over a weekend. My favorite part was�well, you�ll just have to read it yourself and find your own favorite part! Well done � can�t wait for the next one!
Paul T
Having read all of Brendan's previous books, I just pre-ordered "Storm Cell" and thought I would take a few minutes of my retirement to catch up on a great author, previous work-mate and old friend. Thanks Brendan for all of the entertainment that you have provided to me both in writing and in person. Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
Brad Jacobson <>
Melbourne, FL USA -
I have read all the Lewis Cole series and enjoyed each one. Just finished Night Road. I am impressed with your gift for writing and your ability to bring your characters and plot together.
Pat Kelvington <>
Epping, NH USA -
Picked up Dark Victory from the new book section, had never read anything by you before. I was pleasantly surprised by the stright forward writing, direct and to the point. Love the story line. I don't generally read friction as I like history much better. I did however LOVE Arthur C. Clark. I will look forward to reading more of your writing. Thanks so much. I lost my reading in grad school owing to the demands of my profession and only recently pick up again reading for pleasure. Vince Now in Baton Rouge formerly of Charleston, SC and Saratoga NY.
vince baccari <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA -
Loving the Lewis Cole books; have read 4 and anxious to read the entire series!
Patsy <>
Kernersville, NC USA -
Saw you on The Chase TV show. You are just a delight! I am going to check out your books. Have a great day!
kim devine <>
waterford, MI USA -
Watching you on The Chase and found you on Goodreads. Looking forward to reading your mysteries!!!!
Tonya Pacheco <>
Searcy, Arkansas USA -
<Read and enjoyed all your Lewis Cole books and spend summers in Seabrook. I am confused on the Amoskeag River in Manchester. Is this intentional? Usually when I think I find a mistake, it turns out I am the one who is wrong. Keep writing about the coast. Bob
Bob McDonough <>
Nashua, NH USA -
I've just read your short story "The final Ballot". It's brilliantly written, good plot, cut to the chase. I'm looking forwart to reading your novel. This is my first time reading you.
nhi le <>
gretna, la USA -
Making our way up to Holderness, NH September 14 till October 7 and can't for some color and cool air! Are there any speak in or signing events scheduled in that time frame. Would love to meet this awesome author!
Gary Bass <>
Flagler Beach, Florida USA -
With thanks for all the enjoyable stories from Resurrection Day to The Empire of the North. Odd thing to write to an author, yet I hope you never release a sequel to Dead of Night. I have always enjoyed the way the book ends on an unknown, it also introduced me to Robert A. Heinlein. I do look forward to a fourth instalment of Empire of the North.
Andrew Morris <>
Llanelli town -
I am a new reader of your Lewis Cole mysteries and having spent 25 entire summers at Hampton Beach, I really become homesick. I've lived in Europe and other wonderful places, but my heart is always in NH. I visit Hampton every time I head up North from Florida (usually annually). Please keep Lewis Cole sleuthing around NH.
Sandy Pastor <>
Ponce Inlet, FL USA -
Just finished your latest Lewis Cole and I think it is your best! I read it in one night because I couldn't put it down--I have read all of the Lewis Cole novels because I am a summer resident of Hampton Beach and recognize all the landmarks you describe--your books remind me of Robert Parker's Spenser novels and that's a compliment!
Rita Jensen
Will be at the Gibsons Bookstore for the signing tonight. I was thrilled to get their email informing me of your appearance. Have read most of the Lewis Cole mysteries and really enjoyed them. It appears that I have missed, Primary Storm & Deadly Cove so I will have to visit the local library to get caught up on Lewis' adventures before cracking open Fatal Harbor! Looking forward to meeting Brendan.
Arline Cochrane <>
Piermont, NH USA -
I love the Lewis Cole series and wonder why some recognizable town/areas are given different names ie Exonia, Porter.
Patricia Kelvington <>
EPPING, New Hampshire United States -
Really happy that you are starting to put all of the Lewis Cole stories onto e-books. Having read pretty much all of your other books (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I'm now really getting into LC - keep them coming.
Lee Orbell <>
Kettering, UK -
I have just found your books and they are great finished the Noble books in a day. and loved 6 Days can't wait to read more but will you be adding to the Noble series it was a good read
marlene Trigg <>
Ruakaka, New Zealand -
Mr. DuBois was kind enough to come speak to my 6th grade students about writing. He did such a great job that now I'm up to my eyeballs in written pieces that my students are feverishly writing!
Sean Curran <>
Exeter, NN USA -
Just finished Resurrection Day. I don't like what-if books, but I got caught up immediately. Great book, great writing, great characters.
Kathy <>
I came across resurrection day in a used book store found it well written I read it 2 times looking forward to reading more books by Mr Dubois
ed wallace <>
scituate, ma USA -
Brilliant books
Thomas Russell <>
scotland, USA -
Just finished reading Final Winter. I thought it was a great book. have now purchased three more of your books
Ian Booker <>
Chesterfield, UK -
I loved RESURRECTION DAY, it is one of the reasons I decided to write my bachelor thesis about the Alternate History genre. And I'll name your book as a reference in it ;)
Jessica Kruse <>
Bremerhaven, Germany -
Your wife Mona introduced me to you many years ago when she was a customer in my salon in Exeter. I was working for a Charity called The Dream Factory. ATt that time and we were having an auction which you so generously donated a signed copy of "The Resurrection" for the cause. I just wanted to share with you that I have finally read one of your books; "Dead Sand" am almost to the end and have enjoyed every page! I will be reading a lot more of your works! Thanks for the enjoyment! Say HI to Mona for me!
Donna F. Fogg <>
Kittery, ME USA -
Just read your story, The Plains of Deception. It's a romantic story and haunting and simple and beautifully lonely, like sailing on the lake, just as the sun is setting. *****
Jim Flaherty, aka James Forester <>
Guilford, Ct USA -
I started reading Lewis Cole mysteries years ago. I've read them all more then once. I have an image in my head of Lewis, Felix, Diane and Paula. Not to mention the cabin, the town and Lafayette House. I can't wait for another one. I feel like they are friends of mine. You have developed characters I care about and have fallen in love with. Thank you for the many hours I spent with you and Lewis.
Erin Ross <>
Washago, On Canada -
Brendan - I, too, am a New Hampshire native living most of my life in the state. I am wondering if you can help me with a unique situation. I borrowed three of the Lewis Cole novels from a good friend (and I can't remember which three) and I cannot now find them to return to him. If you could please contact me at my email address and I could respond with more details. These books were autographed by you and are his most prized books. Basically, I need to purchase that series, in hardback, and hopefully get you to sign them if I ship to you. Thanks for any help you can give me. Ray Elliott
Ray Elliott <>
Crystal Lake, IL USA -
I just finished all seven "Louis Cole" mystery books - Starting "The Dark Snow" tonight - Keep writing - Great stuff !!!
David Yetman <>
Temple, NH USA -
I saw you on Jeopardy and made a note of your name so I could look you up. I read a lot and my favorite stories are mysteries, science/social fiction. I plan to look up and read your stories and I'll let you know what I think.
Marti Seaton <>
Denton, TX USA -
Saw you on Jeopardy! I love mysteries so will be looking forward to purchasing some of your work....... Congratulations! What is your favorite mystery from those you wrote??? I think that will be my first purchase... Jan
JanL <>
am moving to, NC USA -
I saw you on Jeopardy tonight, and that you are a writer and decided to look you up, after seeing some of your writing have decided I will certainly be buying your work.
Shaaron Schnurr <>
Fort Lupton, CO USA -
I've started to read your short stories after I saw you on Jeopardy. The stories are great.
Richard K.
Hello! Saw you on Jeopardy and had to look up your books! Although I share the same hometown as Nicholas Sparks, mystery is much more my cup of tea! Can't wait to get my hands on one of your books! (I would wish you luck on Jeopardy, but it looks like you're killing your opponents)!
Shanda Maddox <>
New Bern , NC USA -
just found site and look forward to books thanks
edward yeatman <>
collinsville, Mississippi USA -
I have your first 2 books that you autographed while we were still working at the same place. I was looking (as I always do) at the Exeter Newsletter online and saw you were going to be on jepordary so I recorded the show. It is very hard to watch someone you know on a show like that. Great job and I will be watching on Monday to see how you do. To think that "Twister" was seen as a sex game...if they could only see what is out there now. GOOD LUCK.
lisa gauthier <>
Ssavannah, GA USA -
Just saw you on Jeopardy! WAY TO GO!!! Keep writing!
JoAnn <>
Chicago, IL USA -
Also just saw you on Jeopardy; love the pocket square and glasses.
Bob <>
Washington DC, DC USA -
I just saw you on Jeopardy, heck of a match. You are also a darn good writer. I write too. I've only had one song picked up by a minor label, but one is better than none.
Jacob <>
Loved Resurection Day, superb novel. Just got through 6 Days and looking forward to further enjoyment from more of your fantastic work. many thanks. I.F
Iago Fawr <>
Caernarfon, Cymru -
I used to read a lot when I was young - Then with marriage and bringing up a family reading time took a "back seat' for many years - Finally, two years ago I got back into Hemingway and Steinbeck - What a breath of fresh air the "Louis Cole" mysteries bring to my small library - Brendan is a great artist with words and plot development - I just finished "Buried Dreams" and started "Dead Sand" - I will be buying many more of Mr. DuBois books.
Dave <>
Temple, NH USA -
I've been enjoying your Lewis Cole mysteries for quite some time, especially because Lewis Cole "lives" around the corner from my NH home. I've made it to two of your book signings too, including the one in Exeter when Dan Brown won your "Tyler Beach" tee shirt door prize, which was very amusing! I heard long distance in FL, that sadly a woman's body washed up on the beach in Rye recently. I cannot help but think that Lewis Cole should be on the case!
MaryPat King <>
Hampton & Crawfordville, NH & FL USA -
I just finished reading the entire Lewis Cole series. Terrific job of developing each character. Normally, I detest cliff-hanger endings. But the final chapter of DEADLY COVE left me hungry for a sequel. I spent the last 20 years of my career publishing books and magazines about horse racing. Please drop me an e-mail if you ever need background info on this sport.
Can't remember how I came to own your book, "Shattered Shell" but am enjoying it so much! I feel like I've known Lewis Cole forever. When I'm reading the story, I feel like I'm with him as he skis through the forest and tries to stay warm. I love that he gets some warm meals from the restaurant. Can't wait to purchase more of your mysteries. Thank you for writing!
Christeena <>
portland, me USA -
Phil Pariseau <>
hampton, nh USA -
Hi! I just watched your interview on NH Authors and I was so impressed. Your comment regarding B&N employees removing name tags and sitting in chairs made me smile at the memory of doing just that as an employee of B&N in Atlanta 5 years ago. I found your insight to writing, the emotional gamut and doing just what you want to do, to be so close to my own mantra. I have not published yet but I continue to write from the sheer joy it brings. I have one completed (fantasy)novel of a trilogy. Then half a fiction novel about a serial killer in San Francisco. I am on the verge of sending the fantasy query out, probably next week. I still read every night, so now I will add your novels to my must read. You will note the url which is my very first website, still a work in progress. But I do have a few chapters of each of the above novels on that site. I thank you so much for taking the time to interview and allow us in to your world of imagination. Sincerely CJ Cullen
cjcullen <>
manchester, nh USA -
Dead of night is the best book I have read. Being fairly young, most books like this would be more difficult to understand, but this book was amazing. It would be awesome to have a sequel to the book since it has such an open ending. Keep up the good work!
Ryan Sereda <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada -
Stop reading the guestbook and finish writing the follow-up to Dead Cove! Love the series. I worked for the security department at "Falconer" years ago when you were there. Felt like I was right there. Keep up the good work.
Shawn Hale <>
Newark, DE USA -
I have been a fan of the Lewis cole Mysteries. Deadly Cove was a disappoinment.The ending was a real let down.
Judith Polley <>
Exeter, N.H. USA -
Been a fan since the first Lewis Cole book. LOVED "Deadly Cove" and really hope this is not the end of Lewis and Felix. I want to see them both in action!
Viccy Kemp <>
Carrollton, TX USA -
Resurrection Day rocks!
Carla Desrosiers <>
Somersworth, NH USA -
Just read Deadly Cove. When's the follow up book!
Chuck <>
Winchester, NH USA -
Disappointed I missed the first reading of your new book at Water Street. I've been there for many of your talks but will have to try Newington this time. I'm excited the new book is out especially for summer!
Sheila a
seacoast, NH USA -
nice page buddy, keep it up. :-D
Looking forward to the release of your next novel, "Deadly Cove". The detailed discriptions of the "Seacoast Area" bring me back to my youth.
Bill Banks <>
San Diego, CA USA -
Wow just finished reading resurrection day and I have to say in my 63 years it is one of the best novels I have ever read gonna go on a hunt for more of your books Thanks Brendan
John Hood <>
Saltburn by the Sea , UK -
Just finished reading Shattered Shell. This is the first of your books that I have read. I just happened to pick it up and I am now looking for more of your books. Great read!
Barbara Higgins <>
Townsend, MA USA -
I read most of the books a few years ago, now going back.
Joe Breen <>
Stony Point, NY USA -
I just discovered Resurrection Day. Such a well written book, it gave me immense enjoyment. I am writing here in the hope that my admiration will give the author a fraction of the pleasure he has given me.
Tracy Sarney <>
Adelaide, SA Australia -
Just wanted to leave a quick comment to tell you what a fantastic writer I think you are. I have been telling everyone I know to go out and buy all your books! every single one I have read has been a real page turner, always a joy to read.
Jenna <>
cornwall, England -
Met you at our book club on Thurs 1/13 at Cynthia Phelan's home. We all enjoyed your visit and our glimpse into the writers world.Loved Primary Storm and look forward to reading more of your novels.Thank you so much for sharing your evening with us. We appreciate it and my friend Barbara was thrilled to get an autograph book. Linda Tobin
Linda Tobin <>
Rye, NH USA -
Just read your book - Resurrection Day - great book - looking forward to reading others. Thanks Brian Fletcher Manchester England
Brian Fletcher <>
Manchester, UK -
HELLO!!!! I just read Crimes by Moonlight this past weekned. I had no idea you were in it, and I was so excited to show all my friends! Can't wait for more! Hugs to Tucker and Bailey!
Sonnya Dennis <>
Newfields, NH USA -
Iam staying Hampton,NH and the place I am renting has 4 of your Lewis Cole's books. have read the first and on the second. I love reading about all the places in Tyler and can just see where you are talking about. I found your site and looked at where you were appearing and at first was very happy you were going to be in Greenland. then realized it was LAST year. Where else are you going to be in the near future? I wish you would go to the Fort Myers Lee County Library Reading Festival. I think you would be well recieved. Meet a lot a new authors there. Looking for the rest of your books. Hope I can find them all. Keep Lewis going.
Cathy <>
Cape Coral, Fl USA -
Hi.I was wondering if a forthingcoming title of your listed on called Amerikan Eagle will ever be relased? I love Resurrecion Day btw. Hope to hear from you.
Michael Johnson <>
Denver, CO USA -
Nicely done;enjoyed the entire output.
joe breen <>
nashua, nh USA -
Hi, Brendan. Are there any news about your next novel 'Amerikan Eagle'? Thanks.
david khan <>
Detroit, MI USA -
Enjoy your skills. Will soon be permanently back in the state of my birth. I would like to treat you to a meal at a local restaurant.
joe breen <>
nashua, nh USA -
Greetings Mr. DuBois :) Just finally got to sink my hands into Dead Sand and am really quite enjoying it! Lewis sure my type of writer ;) Could not picture Angela Lansbury doing what he does, that's for sure. Very glad to see you have some new types of work coming out, and very excited that you and Jason (yes, I'm from that Allard clan)) will be published together!!! Take care and keep up the great work. Rebecca
Rebecca Allard <>
Somersworth, NH USA -
Despite Dan Chartrand's best efforts it took me till now to read your books and stories. You are up there with Parker, and Borg, and Barnes, and Barr on the regional mystery side, and the best of the Si-Fi mystery guys, whoever they are - been so long since I read any.
Charlie <>
Exeter, NH USA -
Resurrection Day was my first read of Brendan's work, and I am impressed, while on vacation I found it hard to put down. The plot was clever and the characters realistic. i want totry one of his "who dunnits" next on
Barry Moncur <>
Heathmont , VIC Australia -
Hi, Mr. Dubois. I'm a great fan of your work and I can't expect to read your next novel. Coulb be 'Amerikan Eagle'? Thanks.
andrea moss <>
detroit, MI USA -
Enjoyed your book 6 Days. Only comment is Oscar Wilde is Irish not English
tony broe <>
dublin, ireland -
He is an amazing man, I love his work and is a wonderful family man as well..good people
Susan Burdick <>
Dover, NH USA -
Love your novels ! and short stories.When are we going to see another lewis Cole Mystery ? I've discovered your books perusing the library shelves,It seems to me that alot of other people also have.Do the major publishers know this ? Your a major talent and will be a major seller soon!Thanks for the thrills !
larry Colucci <>
Snyder, Ny USA -
I really liked your Twilight book, it was amazing. Will there be a sequel? The ending left me wondering about that.
Austen Harris <>
I have just discovered your books. The woman at the Lane Library had a funny look on her face as I checked out a copy of every book of yours that I could find. Hampton has been my home for 13 years and to find your writing about places that I see every day is a treat. It helps too that a good mystery book is my favorite. I am looking forward to hearing your presentation at the Hampton Historic society in October. I also wanted to ask your permission to use your books as part of a display that I am arranging for a local photographer. Tocky Bialobrezski, like you, is a storyteller, but uses her camera to share the Hampton experience. It just seems like such a good fit, to show your books and her photos in my art and frame gallery. Looking forward to hearing from you. Marilyn
Marilyn Rishkofski <>
Hampton, NH USA -
Hi Mr. DuBois, I just discovered your Lewis Cole mysteries and I love them. Hope there are more.
Debra Phoenix <>
Fayetteville, NY USA -
Hi, Mr. Dubois. I'm a big fan of your work. I would like to know when could see your next novel in the bookstores. Thank you.
mario omar <>
chicago, illinois USA -
Hi, Mr. Dubois. Is your new thriller expected in 2010? Thanks.
danilo molina <>
detroit, MA USA -
Today Phil Stockbridge of Falconer asked me to tell you to hurry up finishing your next Lewis Cole mystery......The only other thing he reads is the Manchester Union.....I'm the guy who helps wrap-up your single rose at the flower shop...
David E. Lamson <>
Raymond, NH USA -
I loved the book"dead of night". Is there a sequel? If there is I want to read it.
Ryan <>
winnipeg, Mb Canada - Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 11:20:38 (CST)
What about your new thriller? It's coming soon?
dario <>
USA - Friday, December 04, 2009 at 12:53:28 (CST)
Hi, Mr. Dubois. I would know what is the status of your long anticpated thriller. Thanks!
david maldonado <>
USA - Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 14:05:05 (CST)
Am reading RESURRECTION DAY and I am enjoying it tremendously. It makes you think about how things could be different with different decisions/choices.
Anthony R Wigmore <>
Lincoln, Neb USA - Friday, October 02, 2009 at 21:40:56 (CDT)
Just checking in to see if you have plans for more Lewis Cole mysteries. I've read them all and am craving more! Have enjoyed every one of them.
Bill Christie <>
Tucson, Arizona USA - Tuesday, June 02, 2009 at 23:44:27 (CDT)
Hi,i have just finished Dark Of Night,fantastic,i would like to know is there a follow up,does Samuel go lookig for Mariam,with peters help,also reading previews of other books Twilight has the same review as Dark Of Night? Now going into town to get Resurrection and Final Winter.
leroy <>
ipswich, UK - Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 05:38:28 (CDT)
Brendan fans who don't usually read Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine might be interested in knowing that he has a story in the current July/August double issue. It retails for $7.99 and I got mine at Barnes and Noble.
Ken Sullivan
USA - Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 15:30:03 (CDT)
I justread your book "Twilight". I found it to be very entertaining and well worth the read. I do object to the portrayal of the militia members as toothless redneck racist. I think if a situation like this really occured, you had better hope that some armed white boys were around. You will have much more to fear from the ghetto's emptying out into the countryside. Your portrayal seems to kick the "safe" boogeyman of the moment. The White gun owner. You should have had a bit more integrity and realism in your writing. But, then you probably would not have been able to be published if you wrote how things would really go down.
Brian <>
St. Louis , MO USA - Wednesday, May 06, 2009 at 11:20:21 (CDT)
Just read Dead Sand and Black Tide and immediately stooped by the local library for four more Brendan DuBois novels--I'm hooked. Keep 'em coming.
Tammy Wells <>
Alfred, ME USA - Friday, April 10, 2009 at 18:05:04 (CDT)
Good morning, I just finished reading my first Brendan DuBois novel Buried Dreams. I was hooked. It was a great read. Thank you.
bonnie <>
USA - Monday, March 02, 2009 at 11:35:18 (CST)
The May 2009 issue of EQMM just arrived. Congratulations on 3rd place in the Readers Awards as well as your 100th short story. Did a quick check and I know I have at least 60 of them including "No Truer Fan" which I may have been the only person to have read (through no fault of yours). I'm using your guestbook rather than e-mailing directly because my computer refuses to work on a "click here" icon. Could you write back when you can so I can have your e-mail address and I won't have to go through the guestbook anymore? Ken
Ken Sullivan <>
USA - Sunday, March 01, 2009 at 11:42:14 (CST)
Great reads- page turners- and stay up all night
Marybeth Bernhardt <>
Kitchener, ON Canada - Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 21:22:16 (CST)
I love the Lewis Cole books, can't wait for a new one! Hope it's soon.
Carol <>
MA USA - Monday, February 09, 2009 at 14:50:24 (CST)
I am so hooked on your Lewis Cole Mysteries, I have recently read Dead Sand, Black Tide, Shattered Shell and just now finished Killer Waves. You are a fabulous writer. Please keep the Lewis Cole Mysteries coming. Thank You
Luci Very <>
chicago, il. USA - Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 14:50:17 (CST)
I've read all your books--they're great! I was wondering are you or have you taken your short stories and compiled them into a book or two? My credit card is waiting! Thank you for the great reads! Thomas
Thomas Vogel <>
Green Bay, Wi USA - Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 13:07:54 (CST)
I am now a true convert. brilliant writing. thankns and all the best for 2009
tiptpop <>
Uk - Monday, December 29, 2008 at 09:04:49 (CST)
Just finished reading, Primary Storm, loved it. Now I have to go back and read them in order. I was so bummed at the end of the book by Cole's run of "bad" luck. And to have him loose his girl again to politics, I almost screamed until the second to the last page. Thanks for the hope of a better future.
ME Leighty <>
Harrison, Tn USA - Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 00:26:30 (CST)
Just finished Resurrection day. A Great page turner, couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the next one already. All the best.
Chris Gallagher <>
London, England - Friday, October 31, 2008 at 02:24:48 (CDT)
Just finished reading "Twilight". I cannot imagine what makes Mr. DuBois hate the US so much that he would write such tripe. Anti-US, anti-gun, all the usual liberal suspects. I won't be reading any more of his work, too many other GOOD authors out there to read.
Bob Cole <>
Nashville, TN USA - Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 19:40:45 (CDT)
Just read Dead Of Night is there a follow on to it?
doncaster, uk - Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 14:40:16 (CDT)
Read your work first time today -- "The Dark Snow" in the HM Best American Mystery Stories of the Century, and enjoyed every word. I was searching for a fictional work to accompany the non-fiction text our first-year students are required to read this year, Luis Urrea's The Devil's Highway. On the surface, one mignt see no connection between these texts; however, the notion of "boundaries" --geographical, psychological, social, mythical -- comes through loud and clear in both. Plus, I think my first-year student writers will enjoy the mysterious narrator. Such a rich text. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your other work.
Mary Jackman <>
Dallas, TX USA - Monday, August 11, 2008 at 13:44:55 (CDT)
I remember you being our paperboy when I grew up on Cote Drive. That is great you are a published author - I am too!
Kathy Ott-McHugh <>
Dover, NH USA - Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 08:55:00 (CDT)
I have just finished reading Resurrection Day, I am still a little spooked. I remember the duck and cover drills in elementary school and as I rode a bike to school I was to ride it home when the warnings came. I have always wondered what it would have been like if we saw the big flash. Moody AFB is right outside of town and so we would be on the list. Thank you for showing that as stupid as we are, we will still fight to save our American lifestyle. Home of the Brave and Free. Very good book.
B N Ridley <>
Valdosta, GA USA - Tuesday, July 08, 2008 at 08:22:44 (CDT)
I was at the poolsideat the hotel in pattya thailand and decided to read a book. The first book I reached for was 6 Days. It was great, a real page turner. Espcially when I to page 559 and right thre in black and white was my name. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
jacques pelletier <>
nakon nayoke, Thailand - Thursday, July 03, 2008 at 21:57:40 (CDT)
I just read Shattered Shell,WOW Great book. I am a big fan of James Patterson and you are just as good if not better, I really enjoyed it, it kept me on the the edge of my set. Good job
Sandra Bacom < retiretoflorida@verizon>
Farmington, NH USA - Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 16:59:40 (CDT)
"Twilight"- Fabulous plot, marvelous characters and a Canadian hero (now that is fiction of the first order). Having just discovered you, I will certainly be reading more of your work. Sorry about the collapse of the Old Man in the MT. JP
Jon Paisley <>
Baltimore, MD USA - Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 20:40:17 (CDT)
I just read Betrayed. I'm a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet and former SWAT Team Commander. Thanks for writing a great story with attention to detail. Good work.
Chuck Bowers <>
USA - Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 20:58:17 (CDT)
Thank you for being keynote speaker and fiction judge for Seacoast Writers Spring Conference 2008 at Chester College last Saturday. Your talk on your writing career -- especially lunching with Dan Brown and meeting Mary Higgins Clark in her NYC apartment -- was enthralling. I was captivated by your humor and motivated to continue writing after hearing your joys and sorrows. Don't know if you achieved your quota of daily pages at the computer that day, but your morning was a generous contribution to us story tellers who aspire to publish. We are grateful. Enjoy chardonnay and Swiss cheese at the Manchester City Library Foundation Event and your book signing tonight. Please post when Amerikan Eagle is released. Best, Tate Cooper Conlon, welcoming summer at the Jersey Shore
Tate Cooper Conlon <>
Derry, NH USA - Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 14:38:16 (CDT)
Brendan, you did great with your talk at the Writers Conference today (5/17). Congratulations. You could tell we all enjoyed it and you made it very interesting with how things went with your career in writing. That was quite a successful writing group spawned at UNH in early 80's! Keep up the good work. I will fill Dennis in.
Jane Cauchon <>
Durham, NH USA - Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 16:51:54 (CDT)
Hi Brendan! 70 years young here, just finished "Final Winter" today and my first comment was, "WOW, that would sure make one hell of a movie"! Great book, plenty of surprises and TONS of suspense. Will be reading more of you, for sure. Thanks for the entertainment!
Pat Gibney <>
Mobile, AL USA - Sunday, April 06, 2008 at 18:04:48 (CDT)
Good Day Brendan, Just finish Black Tide. I really enjoyed it. It isn't easy finding your Lewis Cole series. But I like your descriptions of Porter. Reminds me of places in Portsmouth : - }. Keep writing I keep reading.
Chick Jabre <>
Portmouth, NH USA - Sunday, March 09, 2008 at 14:05:22 (CDT)
Hey, it was great bumping into you today. It appears you are as STAR!! Congratulations!!! I never had a doubt from the time you dashed into my office after hours when no one else was left in the building to tell me that you had just learned that your first book had been accepted by a publisher. Seems like a million years ago. I think I'll go back and reread the couple of copies that you signed for me way back when and then go on to the others as you SUGGESTED. Again, it was great to see you. Hope you, Mona and your menagerie are all well. Best wishes, Lisa
Lisa McCartin <>
Farmington, NH USA - Thursday, February 07, 2008 at 18:50:13 (CST)
Just finished 6 Days, brilliant read. First of your novels I've seen. I shall be going after the others.
Mike Prescott <>
England - Friday, February 01, 2008 at 09:57:15 (CST)
Hi I've tried to mail Brendan but get a bounce mailbox full response. Is everything ok with Brendan ? Im desperately hoping he's busy writing more books as I need more Lewis Cole to feed my addiction, I read Burried Dreams today and that means the only book left for me is Dead Sand, and I haven't managed to find that yet :-( If you read this Brendan, please hurry up and write more, love the books! Stephen
Stephen Applegarth <>
Durham Cicy, England - Friday, January 04, 2008 at 18:03:07 (CST)
Hello, I have just finished reading 'Dead of night' and after a false start, couldn't put it down! Before Katrina, I wouldn't have said it was possible but not anymore. Thanks for all your hard work and for the terrific, but poignant ending. regards, Andy
Andrew Sprague <>
Dudley, UK - Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 05:39:54 (CST)
Hi Brendan, What a neat website -- I'm so proud to have known you way back when!
Marilyn Johnson <>
briarcliff, ny USA - Monday, October 22, 2007 at 21:05:38 (CDT)
I first became familiar with your work when i read Betrayed last year and now i am hooked! Resurrection Day was awesome as was 6 Days. I have just started Final Winter and hope to read the rest of your books. You are an amazing writer. Keep them coming!!!
Rachelle <>
Melbourne, Australia - Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 01:25:36 (CDT)
Great to meet you at the BONI this week, Brendan! Best wishes to you! Angie
Angie Hunt <>
Tampa Bay, FL USA - Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 22:19:53 (CDT)
I first became aware of your work with "Resurrection Day",which is one of my favourate book's of all time. I've read every book of your since then. At the moment Im in the middle of "Dead of Night" which is scaring me sh####ss.
Philip <>
Bradford, UK - Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 13:38:59 (CDT)
"Dead of Night" = superb !
Paul Allonby
Sheffield, UK - Sunday, September 09, 2007 at 15:52:56 (CDT)
I have just finished reading the Resurrection Day and it was so good and I dont tink i Have read a better book. Could anyone help me with a copy of 6 days .
Martins <>
lagos, lagos Nigeria - Friday, July 27, 2007 at 09:40:11 (CDT)
Have been a huge fan of your's since reading "Resurrection Day" - (which I bought just because I thought the title was interesting!), and have just fininshed "Dead of Night". Loved it and love you!!Keep up the fantastic work!!!!
Louise <Williams>
Birmingham, England - Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 07:07:02 (CDT)
Have read my first book titled Dead Of Night and found that i could not put it down. Fantastic read, i called my local library and ordered a few more titles. At last have found an author that i like and can settle down for hours on end, enjoying every minute. Thanks Bob
Bob Gray <>
Carnoustie, Scotland - Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 05:33:02 (CDT)
I discovered Brendan Dubois at the Epping Public Library. His novels are spellbinding. I will read them all.
Patricia <Kelvington>
Epping, NH USA - Saturday, June 09, 2007 at 05:45:27 (CDT)
Great author! I have read 6 Days, Betrayed, Resurrection Day, My Dark Places, the lewic Cole novels... Never disappoints and always has a twist. Right there with Stephen Hunter for suspense.
john cogan` <>
dover, nh USA - Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 15:43:10 (CDT)
read 6 days, resurrection day & dead of night while on holiday. found them superb & kept me enthralled from cover to cover. will definitely get the rest. Keep up the good work
Mark Johnson <>
Wrexham, UK - Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 14:30:27 (CDT)
wow just finshed final winter, one of the best novels i have ever read, lot of things i didn't see coming. i've been a fan for a couple of years ever since picking up 6 days, now have dead of night and resurection day as well keep up the great work and i'll continue reading
scott maynard <>
london, united kingdom - Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 05:08:32 (CDT)
Wow! I just read Ressurection Day. I picked it up at a book auction. I remember the time very well and my imagination was caught immediately by your "what if" story. A great read. Susan J.
Susan Jones <>
NC USA - Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 14:23:10 (CDT)
Just read Primary Storm and enjoyed it very much for several reasons. I do work on a presidential campaign and I do live in NH. You renamed my town to Tyler, very interesting. Haven't figured out where Lafayette House is yet. Thank you for a great novel. I'm on my way to the Hampton/Tyler Library in a few minutes to check out more of your books.
Christina Kraich-Rogers <>
Hampton, NH USA - Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 08:17:33 (CDT)
Found Resurrection Day by accident, a real page turner, now half way through 6 days. Thank you for your vivid imagination.
gordon smith <>
maitland, Australia - Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 01:37:34 (CDT)
Have just discovered your books. As per previous guests I read BETRAYED virtually non-stop. One of the best novels I have ever read. Got my heart-rate right up there! I've written down eight of your titles and I'm now going to hunt them down and have a read-a-thon. Movie of BETRAYED - please!
Russell Workman <>
Burwood, NSW AUSTRALIA - Monday, January 29, 2007 at 21:08:45 (CST)
Just found a copy of Resurrection Day at the local library and loved it...Will look for more of your work. I lived through those "Days of Crisis" as a high school student in San Diego and recall the days well...and those older than I who were getting ready to rebirth the "Minuet Men" and fight on in the hills.
George <>
NSW Australia(OZ) - Monday, January 08, 2007 at 03:31:48 (CST)
Just completed Primary Storm and Final Winter. As a political junkie, I enjoyed every word of Primary Storm. If you don't want to wait for the US publication, Final Winter is worth the buy from It's chilling!
Mary <>
Manchester, NH USA - Monday, January 01, 2007 at 19:27:23 (CST)
I recently discovered Primary Storm at the Public Library and could not put it down. One of my favorite mystery writers has been Dick Francis (writing style is similar) but now I can add Brendan DuBois to my list of all time favorites. Keep them coming!
Melanie <>
New Hampton, NH USA - Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 07:34:53 (CST)
I just recently discovered your novels and so glad that I did!
Betsy Kozak <>
Toms River, NJ USA - Friday, December 08, 2006 at 20:36:01 (CST)
Now reading Buried Dreams. Both my wife and I love your Lewis Cole series. We made the mistake of reading a book review of Killer Waves and the critic was less then enthusiastic about that one. After we read it we thought it was good enough for a screen play! Keep up th egood work on Lewis Cole....Steve J
Steve J <>
IN USA - Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 03:05:45 (CST)
ABA, AB BENIN - Friday, December 01, 2006 at 08:19:40 (CST)
Your mysteries are great!
Betsy Kozak <>
Toms River, NJ USA - Monday, November 27, 2006 at 19:27:09 (CST)
Not being a 'mystery' reader as a rule, I was late to find your fast reading novels. What a kick . . . following Lewis around the coast of NH and environs. Your books read like lightning . . . can't put them down. I'm hooked.
M. Hazelton <>
Chester, NH USA - Monday, November 13, 2006 at 09:27:57 (CST)
One of the great pleasures I get from staying with a mystery series over the years is seeing the lead characters change and grow as they forced to face their demons either by friends (V. I. Warshawski) or on their own initiative (Matt Scudder). Lewis' bullheadedness and tendency to refuse to listen to people he doesn't like have always frustrated me. After all, not letting people talk is a very serious weakness in a detective. So, you can imagine how pleased I was when, about halfway through "Primary Storm", I realized I was dealing with a kinder, gentler (but not weaker) Lewis Cole. Twenty pages later, Felix makes the same observation and I knew I was really on to something. Felix' being aware of the difference, meant that Brendan had to be intentionally making the changes. Certainly, the old Lewis could never have done what the new Lewis is doing as "Primary Storm" ends. I hope it works out well for him. Now, on to "Final Winter" and "Six Days" (when I was putting "Primary Storm" away in the bookcase reserved for my autographed volumes, I realized I had put "Six Days" away without having read it. Looking forward to "Dead of Winter" in Feb. Ken
ken Sullivan <>
salem, nH USA - Friday, October 27, 2006 at 10:01:53 (CDT)
Lewis Cole novel is pretty nice.
Idaou <>
Tokyo, Japan - Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 15:04:44 (CDT)
Just discovered your books at the "Tyler" Public Library and am loving them as I live on Rte 1A at "Tyler Beach" near the "North Tyler" line, own property in "Porter", NH, and grew up in Newburyport, MA. One thing though, Tinios is a Greek name, not Italian as you probably know from visiting the Galley Hatch owned by the Tinios family. Of course, Kay Tinios was just as "tough" as Felix training her waitstaff to be the best in the business! Your work is a fun read and I've been reading on the sand at Plaice Cove - don't know what Lewis Cole calls that area! Think he lives nearby though...Bev
Bev McClellan <>
Hampton, NH USA - Wednesday, October 04, 2006 at 18:53:08 (CDT)
Indeed, I am the Ken you deleted. Glad it wasn't because you didn't like the correction. No point in trying to repeat the old note. We can talk about it next week at Kate's.. See you then. Ken Sullivan
Ken Sullivan <>
salem, nH USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 14:39:25 (CDT)
I have only just found your books Brendan and they are awesome. I have just finished reading Betrayed and Resurrection Day and i couldn't put either of them down. It was the first time in years that i had actually sat down and continually read a book. Your characters and plots sucked me in and i can't wait to start 6 Days!
Rachelle <>
Melbourne, Australia - Sunday, October 01, 2006 at 00:21:02 (CDT)
CONWAY, NH USA - Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 11:15:06 (CDT)
Thank You for coming into our restaurant this evening- we hope you had a pleasant experience-looking forward to seeing you again
Dorine and Chip Caswell <>
Exeter, NH USA - Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 22:09:15 (CDT)
I enjoy all of your books and particularly the Lewis Cole novels as I live in NH, not far from Hampton.
Norma raduazo <>
bow, nh USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 13:31:17 (CDT)
A great fan of Lewis Cole and want to start reading more DuBois novels.
Linda B. Hutchinson <>
Manchester, NH USA - Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 08:46:56 (CDT)
so far I've read all of Brendans novels and I really can't wait for the next Lewis Cole mystery. Brendan is a very talented writer and I look forward to reading his work for years to come.I have also gotten quite a few friends hooked on the Lewis Cole series.
Alan <>
Rochester, N.H. USA - Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 06:44:31 (CDT)
Just finished reading Resurrection Day. What a brillian book! I'm certainly going to recommend it to all my family and friends. I can't wait to read the others you've written. Great Stuff!
Pat <>
London, England - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 10:03:27 (CDT)
just finished reading Final Winter, fantastic!! I literally could not put the book down this is the first Brendan Dubois book I have read and I have already ordered all the others from Amazon regards Jon from England
jonathan pike <>
london, United Kingdom - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 18:07:15 (CDT)
My first read of your work, Betrayed, enjoyed it immensely, great finish, will be looking out for more of your titles. Thanks for the great read.
Alan Hill <>
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 05:34:23 (CDT)
Really enjoy reading your books down here in SC. I am orginally from Boston and Exeter. Still have family in Hampton and Portsmouth areas plus am still in the Navy Reserves so am quite familiar with the shipyard. I also have served on the Bd. of Directors at the local RMC Donald House for 20 years so I see how families deal with their children and other loved ones. Kudos to your survival. Keep up the good work. The books are great. Most sincerely, Pat Sullivan
Pat sullivan <>
Columbia, SC USA - Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 15:56:22 (CST)
Wow! I was recommened Ressurection day by my boss and he lent me a copy, I am half way through and I have only put it down to come on here! AMAZING ! I amgripped, I cant wait to finish this one. I have been genuinly scared by this book already. Keep up the good work Brendan!
Cliff Anderson <>
NEWCASTLE, UK - Monday, March 13, 2006 at 16:08:45 (CST)
I enjoy your books a lot and always look forward to a new one
norma raduazo <>
USA - Monday, February 27, 2006 at 11:15:06 (CST)
Please keep Lewis' stories coming. Such fun to read, knowing the places you mention. Just finished Buried Dreams, another winner!
Joanne <>
Barrington, NH USA - Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 07:53:39 (CST)
being a seasonal resident of Tyler Beach, after reading "Dead Sand"; that I got from my friend Gail, I'm hooked; it felt as if I were right in the book.trpjk
Edward J. Gorski <>
Haverhill, MA USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 10:20:10 (CST)
Hi Brendan, I hope all is well. Keep up the good work.
USA - Friday, January 06, 2006 at 16:32:01 (CST)
Love your books and got many more interested. Looking forward to the new ones
Trevor Cuppleditch <>
Boston, Lincs England - Sunday, November 06, 2005 at 15:57:57 (CST)
Waiting impatiently for Lewis to make another appearance. Feel like an old friend has been away too long.
Marilou Strickland <>
Raymond, NH USA - Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 19:46:37 (CDT)
Looking forward to the next Lewis Cole novel.
Jeremy Green <>
Corvallis, OR USA - Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 20:29:47 (CDT)
I found Dead Sand at my hair dressers. Then, Black Tide at a thrift shop. Now, I can't wait to get the others. I just found your website today!!! You are gifted. Oh, and my "boys", Auggie (a human in dog's skin found in a shelter) and Scottie (a black and white miniture Schnauzer) that was "dumped" in my neighborhood as a puppy) send their best to your babies! I love the way you write. Sincerely, Bobbi
Bobbi A. Ruf <>
Springfield, OH USA - Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 13:52:32 (CDT)
Hey Brandon, I worked with you at Seabrook as Sarah's assistant. I also remember trying to keep your cubicle in order. Great to see you doing so well.
Debbie Smart <>
Orange Park, FL USA - Friday, September 16, 2005 at 14:00:52 (CDT)
well that's what I get for trying to check in on you while I work ... typed the wrong email address. Must be a Freudian slip sort of a collage of my work and home one :-)
Sandy <>
Wyoming, DE USA - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 18:00:30 (CDT)
Just "stopped by" to see what you've been up to. Desparately waiting for the next Lewis Cole. Miss you both. Love to all ... Mona, Tucker and of course Oreo.
Sandy <>
Wyoming, DE USA - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 17:58:42 (CDT)
I'm reading now Betrayed which I must say is fast,interesting and captivaiting. But I cannot help myself from mentioning to you a mistake you made, in my opinion. The B-52 can carry 31,500 kg. of armament and it does not seem feasible, to say the least, that it will carry on a bombing mission to Hanoi a mere eight 750-pound bombs and four 500-pound bombs. Please advise me if I'm wrong or a mistake was made.
Isaac Fruchtman <>
Israel - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 09:35:59 (CDT)
I love the Lewis Cole series. Since I'm from NH, it is fun to visualize the settings of your mysteries. Please keep them coming!
Lisa <>
Brentwood, NH USA - Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 18:57:48 (CDT)
Hi Brenden. Just wanted to tell you that the Lewis Cole series has only added to my enjoyment of New England. Having read most if not all of your novels, the Lewis Cole series is my favorite. Thanks and keep them coming!
Lou <>
Utica, NY USA - Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 10:32:20 (CDT)
Hey Brendan here is my e mail. See you tomorrow, say hi to Mona and Tucker, and Oreo too. Bye
Sam Glynn <>
Center Conway, NH USA - Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 20:27:09 (CDT)
Brendan, greetings from Bangkok, where I ran across RESURRECTION DAY, the JOVE November 2000 edition. Good read!! I note, however, that on page 151 you refer to locally brewed beer in Saigon as "66 beer." Why the "66?" They did brew up 33 beer, "Ba Me Ba Beer." Still make it, I think. Mac Thompson Retired in Thailand
Mac Thompson <>
Bangkok, Thailand - Sunday, April 03, 2005 at 00:44:48 (CST)
Hi Brendan (Hi to Mona, too!) I was just reading about a local (Seattle) author who received 2nd place in an international writing competition (Lit Idol 2005 ??). The point is, it made me think about you and made me want to check in to see what's new. Looks like you've been very busy, and are doing well. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Abbie
Abbie Munce <>
USA - Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 00:39:23 (CST)
As a lifelong resident of the Seacoast area (my ancestor, Capt. William Marston arrived in 1638), I am finding your fiction very intriguing. Though I try to just stick with the plot and interesting cast of characters, I find myself writing notes to discover what is fact and fiction in the descriptions of the area. I grew up just a short walk up High Street from North Beach, and enjoyed visiting at the Coast Guard station located there in the late 50's. I have lived other places over the years, but my heart is truly there at the end of High Street overlooking the Atlantic. I have just finished reading all of Anne Perry's two nineteenth century mystery series, William Monk and the Pitts', Thomas and Charlotte. Coming back into the present day era is a welcome change, thanks to you, Lewis Cole, and the cast of characters inhabiting my most beloved spot in the world, "Tyler Beach." Sandra VanHorne Marston, "Falconer", NH
Sandra V. Marston <>
"Falconer", NH USA - Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 19:30:00 (CST)
I love you books. I have hunted and hunted for Shattered Shell -- but can only find on internet at $60.00. This is the only one of the set that I have not written--any suggestions--love your books but not rich
Smiley <>
peachtree cit, ga USA - Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 14:17:10 (CST)
I'm currently enjoying Buried Dreams. Each time I read a Lewis Cole novel, I keep trying to identify the location of his house on the coast. Is there actually a "Lafayette House" existing along 1A? You've certainly created an interesting character. It is our loss that John Sanford's Lucas Davenport and your Lewis Cole exist in only fiction.
Susan Mudrey <>
Castleton, NY USA - Friday, January 07, 2005 at 18:39:15 (CST)
I recently stumbled on your Lewis Cole books at the public library, rushed back, and checked out all the earlier ones. Wonderful reads. Love the characters, plot, style......... everything about them. One nitpicky thing. No one who grows up in Indiana says the University of Indiana; it's alway Indiana University or IU. Don't know why, perhaps because of the University of Illinois next door. I am eagerly awaiting the next Lewis Cole.
jacquelyn engle <>
USA - Saturday, November 13, 2004 at 13:47:20 (CST)
Uncle Brendan - I wanted to let you know that I saw your books in the New York Public Library!
Julia <>
New York, NY USA - Friday, November 12, 2004 at 13:40:38 (CST)
Just finished "Buried Dreams". The story not only invoked nostalgia for a culture and place I miss very much, but I felt I was listening to Lewis Cole tell his story instead of reading it. My mind's eye saw Cole's expressions and heard his nuances of voice and emotions. Very good writing, Mr DuBois. I look forward to reading all your other books.
USA - Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 17:07:33 (CDT)
Read Resurrection Day after it had been sitting on my shelf for a year! Superb! Betrayed was even better, and I bought Six Days on the strength of those two. Keep up the good work.
Ed M <>
Gravesend, N/A uk - Friday, October 08, 2004 at 07:08:17 (CDT)
My husband and I just recently discovered your writing. We thorougly enjoyed Killer Waves and, of course, now are reading your previous books.That's how it always happens for us. We have to go back to the first, having read the last.
Marie Fleming <>
Harrison, ME USA - Thursday, September 30, 2004 at 17:46:11 (CDT)
Can't wait for the signing at Barnes&Noble in Newington so I can dig into the newest Lewis Cole adventure. I'm always hoping for an appearance by Alice from Dead Sand. She was a great character.
Mary Strickland <>
Epping, NH USA - Friday, September 17, 2004 at 22:40:55 (CDT)
My wife and I have enjoyed your Lewis Coles stories, have just purchased " Buried Dreams". I havenot been able to find a reasonably priced copy of "Shattered Shell" on the internet.Any advice as where I may get a copy would be appreciated. Is this book likely to be printed as a paperback anytime soon. Good luck and keep up the good work, looking forward to your next book.
Henri Buchbinder <>
Armadale, VIc Australia - Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 20:17:24 (CDT)
I have just finished Resurrection Day. Brilliant. Believable characters and a story that grips you to the end. One of the best novels I've read since Six Days. Can't wait to read the rest.
Kenny Lowe
Scotland - Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 15:04:33 (CDT)
I met Brendan at the start of the 1990s at Kate's Mystety Books. He is an uncommon man with words of good will for the struggling writer. Along with Jerry Healy, Brendan without knowing kept me on the path of writing mystery fiction. And now at the age of 67, this senior citizen will have his first mystery/thriller published by a tradition publisher. I have in my collection the first two Cole books. Signed too. With warm regards from the heart, Roger DeBeers
Roger DeBeers <>
Benicia, CA USA - Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 09:03:25 (CDT)
just finished reading Betrayed... pick this book up off a bargain table in a bookstore... read it in 3 days... couldnt put it down... i have read all of Tom Clancy's books and i can say that none of his books had charactors as fleshy as yours Mrs Harper was exceptional... like any strong headed female i know... the ending nearly had me broken... nice twists and turns... i'll be reading more... keep up the good work...
Mathew Williams <>
Cairns, QLD AUSTRALIA - Saturday, August 14, 2004 at 21:59:05 (CDT)
once again a wonderfull book reading :-) always enjoy reading your works :-) ~Bridgey
Bridget DuBois <>
ROchester , NH USA - Friday, August 13, 2004 at 13:33:46 (CDT)
Once again, a Lewis Cole story is top notch. I enjoyed the fact it was a character-based mystery in which the reader was allowed insights into the characters as they story progressed. The quirky nature of the characters was captured. You also captured the essence of place in describing the shoreline area of New Hampshire. Thanks very much.
david schasu <>
Charleston, WV USA - Saturday, August 07, 2004 at 11:20:56 (CDT)
'Betrayed' a very powerful book, a very good story about what happend to our fellow brothers that were left behind when we left Viet Nam and what is sad is that parts of the book are very believable that this could really have been the answer all along. Thanks for a good read!!!!
Dudley 'Chief' Weldon <>
Chandler, AZ USA - Friday, August 06, 2004 at 08:46:18 (CDT)
My husband and I just got back from the Water Street bookstore, and enjoyed your talk about your book Buried Dreams. Hope to read more of your books in the future. With kind regards, Marian & Aaron Goldstein
Aaron & Marian Goldstein <>
Newmarket, NH USA - Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 20:26:07 (CDT)
Trying to get a reasonably priced copy of Shattered Shell. Amazon is asking $70, which I think is way out of line. I got the others in the Lewis Cole series from Amazon as used books for 1/3 of that price. Hope you can refer me to another source where I can get a copy for a reasonable price. Thanks, Jim
Jim Dale <>
Waleska, GA USA - Saturday, July 17, 2004 at 08:10:40 (CDT)
I have just finished reading all of your Lewis Cole books in the last two weeks, thanks to the Newmarket Public Library. After getting past the changes in the names of the towns, I enjoyed the books. Can't wait for the next one. It was fun reading and knowing exactly where Lewis was at all times! Keep up the good work and I will be watching for the next installment, which I am happy to read is being worked on now.
Cindy Marquis <>
Newmarket, NH USA - Saturday, July 10, 2004 at 11:27:09 (CDT)
Checking in to see what I've missed - 4 novels since the arrival of our son - AARRGGHH!!! Could be an expensive visit for the 22 July signing in Exeter ... (Beth's)Cousin Debbie
Debbie Hale
Newmarket, NH USA - Thursday, July 08, 2004 at 10:56:41 (CDT)
Re Betrayed, good story but you need to hire a knowledgeable proof reader with some USAF background. Your facts on B-52 weapons loads are fuzzy (Chapt 7, pg 81: "...mission was standard, carrying eight 750-pound bombs and four 500-pound bombs..."; pg 82: "..thirty tons of ordinance."). I don't believe any B-52 flew from Guam with a load of 12 bombs, which doesn't come close to thirty tons. Also, you repeatedly use the term "ordinance" when refering to weapons. I don't believe any B-52 or other USAF/USN aircraft ever carried or dropped tons of decrees, orders, laws, etc. on any part of Vietnam. The correct term is "ordnance" referring to weapons, ammunition,etc.
John Reisbick <>
Hampton, VA USA - Wednesday, May 05, 2004 at 09:14:31 (CDT)
Loved betrayed, infact couldn't put it down .I have just started 6 days which appears equally as good. have just discovered your books.I agree with the comment re turning your books into movies
mark Hogarth <>
england - Friday, April 30, 2004 at 08:09:05 (CDT)
AUBURN, NY USA - Monday, March 29, 2004 at 19:33:48 (CST)
"Richard's Children" just came to my attention via "The Best American Series-2003" and since Michael Connelly's clip was not enough to satisfy me I came to your web site. I am a mystery fan and short story is my favorite style. Thanks for a great story, I will try B.DuBois again.
RICHARDSON, TX USA - Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 09:25:26 (CST)
While visiting a HS & college classmate in Salisbury, MA, she told me about your books. I have read all of the Lewis Cole series, and enjoyed them immensely. Well-crafted and believable characters. I am finishing Betrayed right now. I find it well-done, fascinating, and believable. I have become synical about our politicians during my lifetime. Your proof-readers missed correcting "ordinance" to "ordnance," perhaps in a later publishing that is corrected. I automatically proofread books as I go, and I think that "spell check" has caused some problems in the publishing world. At least the books come out quickly and nothing is lost in the storyline by poor proofreading! I look forward to more Lewis Cole books in the future.
Barbara Hess <>
Beaverton, OR USA - Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 20:52:39 (CST)
Although I've never read any of Mr. DuBois' full-length novels, I have had the great pleasure of reading the wonderful short stories: Netmail, Shadow Trees, The Dark Snow, and Old Soldiers. I am looking forward to reading his novels and obtaining the short story collections. Keep up the good work, Eric
Eric Varca <>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 21:08:15 (CST)
Just completed you three novels, brilliant, very enjoyable. After reading them and visiting your website I shall be sure to get your Lewis Cole books also. Keep them coming!
Peter Webster <>
Aberdeen, UK - Sunday, January 18, 2004 at 05:36:46 (CST)
I just found you at the library. At first I was drawn toward reading "Dead Sand" because of the beach setting. I did like the story and am going back for more. What was the point in changing the names of the places at the beach? Looking forward to many more "good reads". Thank you Mary Henry
MANCHESTER, NH USA - Thursday, December 18, 2003 at 20:54:19 (CST)
It's been a while since any updates - what's happening and what new material do you have waiting for us!
Methuen, ma USA - Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 20:11:53 (CST)
Dear Mr. DuBois, Just got done with the CRASH DIVE anthology which includes your "Mission Failure" story. They obviously saved the best for last; nicely done, wonderfully clever story! Would have made a good Twilight Zone episode. Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thursday, December 04, 2003 at 11:55:04 (CST)
The Lewis Cole Series is fabulous... my only question is: why change the names of the towns from Exeter to Exonia, Portsmouth to Porter, Hampton to Tyler, etc., but then use the names of real towns in other places. It makes no sense to me. Your contemporary in Vermont, Archer Mayor, uses all the real town names in his Joe Gunther series. I know it's too late to change now but I've never understood this...
David Kimball <>
Manchester, NH USA - Wednesday, November 12, 2003 at 10:58:01 (CST)
hey there, just read the dark snow in school, it was really great... Our job now, is to find a piece of music that matches the short story.... I thought of Under the Bridge eith RHCP, what do you think?? Mads
Mads <>
Odense, Denmark - Thursday, November 06, 2003 at 03:19:56 (CST)
Just a note to thank you for yet another Lewis Cole mystery, "Killer Waves". The published date is 2002. Any new novels in the works? I appreciate the geographical descriptions of the Northeast. Introducing Felix Tinios and developing his character has been the best...seeing the contrast and similarities of their personalities.
miketoyo <>
CA USA - Monday, November 03, 2003 at 19:51:54 (CST)
I have enjoyed all of your books, when and what is to be published next?
Lori Chinn <>
Auburn, WA USA - Thursday, October 16, 2003 at 14:17:58 (CDT)
I enjoy your books more than I can say. I started with Betrayed and then discovered Lewis Cole. I really like his pal Felix Tinios. I read constantly and my usual authors can't seem to publish fast enough. It a treat to discover a new author that I really enjoy. Keep those books coming.
Rose Zarick <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Thursday, September 25, 2003 at 14:13:46 (CDT)
Please! I am dying to read more of the Lewis Cole Mysteries. If I don't read another Lewis Cole's Mystery books, Im gonna die!@!!!!!@!
Maria-* <>
langley, B.C Canada - Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 21:10:14 (CDT)
I am a big fan of of your work. The first time I picked out the Lewis Cole mystery, I was hooked! I couldn't stop reading the whole series. My favorite one is the shattered shell though. That one was the best! I hope there will be more of Lewis Cole mysteries. I'll be waiting for more of Lewis's great work! ( I just wonder how Lewis looks like.... Do you maybe have a sketch of him or something? My curiosity would be so relieved if I saw his face.) Your amazing Mr. Dubois!!!
A teen aged fan! <>
kyungki, seoul Canada - Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 21:00:24 (CDT)
Bought Resurrection day last year: blew me away ! Just finished Betrayed (took me 2 days): loved it ! Sad thing is, this story might even be true...Picked up 6 Days, which I'll probably finish in a few days as well. Any chance of any of your books being turned into movies ? Keep up the good work; I'll keep buying the books !
Eric Jensen <>
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 05:44:30 (CDT)
A book "Resurrection day" is phenomenal. I read her in one day and. I congratulate from whole heart. I greet, reader from Poland.
Andrzej 'angello' Sztuczka <>
Lipno, PL Poland - Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 16:38:26 (CDT)
Read resurection day in 2 days couldn't put it down great book. will let you know if i like betrayal i just bought it cheers ben
Ben Jackson <>
bradford, west yorks united kingdom - Monday, July 28, 2003 at 11:23:05 (CDT)
Enjoyed R.Day very much, one of te fewnovels that i read to the end. But sad to say I found that 6 days was yery good up to chapter 20 then story started to sag a bit to lose it's plausiblity. What started out as an excellent story just ended up as being just good . never mind still cant wait to get my hands onto your next book
Jim Buckland <bucklaji>
wickford, ess UK - Friday, July 25, 2003 at 17:40:54 (CDT)
Just finished Betrayed, and like Resurrection Day, this book is fantastic. I'm an avid reader of Tom Clancy and I must say your latest book had me hooked more than any of Tom's books (no offence Tom). If you ever do a book signing in England please let me know.
Stephen Richards <>
London, England - Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 07:15:36 (CDT)
Great site, Love the books, Exciting and believable Thank You.
Belfast, Nth. Ireland. - Tuesday, July 22, 2003 at 19:02:55 (CDT)
As a woman Vietnam Veteran, I was deeply touched by "Betrayed". For those of us who served, we have never forgotten our brothers who were left behind! I only wish the day would come when even one of those would be brought home alive. Thank you for your sensitivity in writing this touching story. God bless you. Vietnam '69 - '70 MACV
Karen Offutt <>
FL USA - Sunday, July 13, 2003 at 23:33:38 (CDT)
Just finished Betrayed. What an excellant, perhaps disturbing, book. Looking forward to reading your other works. So...when is the movie?
Roanoke, VA USA - Monday, July 07, 2003 at 13:27:34 (CDT)
started to read betrayed yesterday at 16.00, spent most of the night reading could not put the book down, it is now 09.49 the next day and have just finished the book. what a ride the book takes you on. The plot was fantastic so many twists and turns, I have read six days which I thought was excellent,but this book just blows you away. Can't wait until your next book comes out I will be first in line. I attend a book chat group at my local libary and will be recommending this book for sure! keep up the good work
anne carbery <>
manchester, united kingdon - Wednesday, June 25, 2003 at 03:52:42 (CDT)
Just finished a copy of Betrayed I picked up in the UK. Enjoyed the book. When is the next Lewis Cole novel coming out?
Charles <>
MA USA - Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 14:56:09 (CDT)
What problems your book latest book, Betrayed, has caused me. My wife has been moaning at me for not talking to her and not doing any of the jobs around the house as I could not put the book down and was reading it every chance I had (even when Star Trek was on!!. The book had me so engrossed that I was reading it in bed and then could not sleep as I tried to work out in my head what was coming next. I could not even catch up this lost sleep on the train to work, as I was straight back to the book in the morning, to see if I had worked anything out correctly. I have never felt the need to write to an author before but found this book so enthralling that I just had to say something. I shall be going out and buying your other books as soon as I can, after I get back in my wife's good books and learn the art of conversation again!!!! Excellent writing made for excellent reading.
David Knapp <>
UK - Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 03:59:40 (CDT)
I have never contacted an author after finishing a book until now. I have just finished reading Betrayed and feel obliged to congratulate you on such a fantastic book! It had everything and I very much look forward to your next one. Thank you.
James <>
Cardiff, Wales, U.K. - Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 15:59:26 (CDT)
Hi Brendan and Mona. Thank you so much for your help with my stupid project. Dad and Sam and Marty are going for a boat ride. Mom and I are reading. See you this weekend. Olivia What does Url Mean? Ann
Olivia Glynn <>
Ctr Conway, NH USA - Sunday, June 01, 2003 at 17:59:44 (CDT)
I picked up "Killer Waves" from our local library's "New Fiction" shelf -- which has a VERY spotty record of small hits and big misses. Having enjoyed it so much, I ordered some of your previous novels. Naturally, they all arrived on the same day, almost crowding me out of my small apartment. Two now occupy space in my microwave oven, one is being read, and one is already lost! Fortunately, they are such "good reads" that I keep turning pages late into the night, and I hope to be able to resume my "heat-and-serve" cuisine within a few days. Thanks for the fun
David Gibson <>
Vancouver, BC CANADA - Friday, May 30, 2003 at 16:23:42 (CDT)
Betrayed - I bought your book at the airport as I was going on holiday. Just coulnd't put it down. Fantastic, as I expected from reading Resurrection Day and Six days. After 48hrs the book was finished, my son having asked for updates constantly from start to end. He enjoyed it second hand. Thanks and keep up your amazing and gripping writing. All the best for the future.
Pete <>
Scotland - Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 13:20:46 (CDT)
Help. Was reading 6 Days on an airplane ,,left the book on the plane. Now i cant find a new one anywhere. And i was in the midlle of it .
Mike <>
ny, ny USA - Monday, May 05, 2003 at 19:35:45 (CDT)
Reading the new novel, Betrayed, and enjoying it! Keep up the good work.
Mike Beattie <>
Motherwell, uk - Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 13:59:04 (CDT)
Dear Sir:A very good friend of mine lent me a copy of the British Edition of BETRAYED.WOW what a great read.POWERFUL EXPLOSIVE .That Steve Josephs is a cool dude.Hope to see you at one of your signings.
Madbury Fan-
USA - Friday, April 25, 2003 at 11:01:47 (CDT)
Started to read "Betrayed", just cannot put it down. A very good read.
Neil <>
Rochdale, UK - Monday, April 14, 2003 at 04:04:28 (CDT)
Just checking in.Waiting with great anticipation for the next story.
Dover Point
USA - Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 09:47:11 (CST)
Great site!!
John <>
Plymouth , NH USA - Monday, March 17, 2003 at 06:03:30 (CST)
I havent finished your book 6 days yet but I am at the point where I have to read it every chance I get. I have just got in to reading and after reading two or three thrillers I have found your book 6 days to be a great read. Sheila and Drew are great. Damn I would love to meet them if they were real. I love getting absourbed in a book and 6 days has kept me very happy. Amazing talent. keep it up. Ant
Anthony James Maunder <>
Falmouth, UK - Monday, February 24, 2003 at 16:04:10 (CST)
Just read Resurrection Day. I write myself and I appreciate skill. You are not too famous in England but you should be.
Maldwyn Palmer <>
Bournemouth, Dorset UK - Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 13:32:08 (CST)
I'm a big Lewis Cole fan. Just finished my third; Killer Waves, and looking forward to reading the next. Hard to put your books down!
Greenfield, WI USA - Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 21:33:45 (CST)
I absolutely LOVE your Lewis Cole series (which I came upon by accident). My current ambition is to find the time to read your other books. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Norma J. Hook <>
Chicago, IL USA - Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 13:57:19 (CST)
Have a Happy New Year. Michael and Michael and Neil have just finished setting us for the internet. Keep up the good work.
Mom&Dad <>
Dover, NH USA - Wednesday, January 01, 2003 at 13:22:18 (CST)
As a fellow suspense author I do understand the solitude needed to write. Have just finished 6 Days - thanks for a great read.
James <>
Blenheim, New Zealand - Monday, December 23, 2002 at 18:07:16 (CST)
Don't EVER thing of putting your pen down or turning off that PC. Just finished reading Resurrection Day, a definite "can't put down" book of the first order and this was read immediately after 6 Days. Keep up the good work, I just can't get enough of the "what if's" Brilliant
Cath Furlong <>
Windermere, UK - Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 07:11:40 (CST)
Just finished 6 Days WOW!
Northampton, UK - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 12:57:17 (CST)
I'm a big fan of 'what if' books, so anticipated enjoying RESURRECTION DAY a lot. Was it worth it? You bet, one of the finer books in the genre, from start to finish. a very clever idea, excellent plotting, characters and dialogue. Happily also very believable human emotions. What's more, being English, I get hacked off sometimes when USA authors have gratuitous pops at Britain, and this includes the likes of Harrison and Turtledove. But Your portrayal of Britain, while being far from rosy, was fair and comfortable. Cracking stuff, write some more.
Philip <>
Bristol, UK - Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 11:30:34 (CST)
just finished reading " 6 Days " , couldent put it down once started. Wow what a read. I consider myself lucky picking your book from all the others in the store. Going to buy RD tomorow, i am sure i will enjoy it the same way i enjoyed "6 Days". unfortunatly in malysia they only sell two of you books, 6 days and RD. if there was more i would buy them all. PLEASE keep writing.
Allan Mortensen <>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 02:41:38 (CST)
Resurrection Day and I could not put it down. Enjoyed every word. Proud to say "I knew you when".
Judi Toner <>
Exeter, NH USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 16:12:34 (CDT)
Jumping back and forth between the states and the UK. I was lucky enough to pick up "6 Days" from a local bookstore. It was a great read! Pity it's not published in the UK. Enjoyed it as much as Resurrection Day and the Cole novels.
USA/UK - Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 05:28:07 (CDT)
You probably don't remember my wife, Lucie, and I from the old Seabrook days but she bought me your first Lewis Cole book and I have been enjoying them ever since. I just finished Killer Waves and really appreciate the "home" settings of the stories. Keep up the good work!
Shawn Hale <>
Newark, DE USA - Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 12:42:34 (CDT)
I picked up 'Resurrection Day' very cheaply and didn't know what to expect. I have about 150 pages to go and I can't put it down! It is one of the best books I have read for a long time, and I read very widely and often. I am looking forward to reading your other books.
David <>
Australia - Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 02:50:52 (CDT)
Hola....LOVED Killer Waves!!!! This is my first "read" of your writing, as I recently early retired from S Cal I now have the time to be free. I've missed New England and your writing helps bring me home. I will read ALL your books. Namaste, joan
Joan Cass <>
Marblehead/Berlin, MA/NH USA - Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 06:18:17 (CDT)
I was wondering who I contact to get a new shippment of post lunch chocolates? Our supply has run out and we are getting desperate! Nice job on the site Brendan (...and Mona)! Mike (& Jack)
Michael Krupinsky <>
Beverly, MA USA - Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 13:52:15 (CDT)
I am a part time Police Dispatcher for Newburyport PD and just read Dead Sand, and the other book that involved Newburyport. I was at the Salisbury Public Library and the Librarian recommended your books when I couldn't find anything I liked. Since reading Dead Sand I couldn't put them down, I love Lewis Cole and can't wait to read the newest one. Thank you!
Stefanie <Paul>
Salisbury, MA USA - Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 11:44:13 (CDT)
Like a lot of other people, I am in the middle of reading Resurrection day and am having trouble tearing myself away. I have been out and bought 6 Days but was wondering, is there any chance of seeing any more books set in the same universe as resurrection day? Perhaps even from the perspective of someone who had been living in Russia? Keep Writing and Thanks
Susan Squires <>
Edinburgh, Scotland - Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 14:20:53 (CDT)
Just finnished reading Resurrection Day, and I can honestly say I was captivated by the story from start to finnish. All the best and keep those books comming. p.s. now going to read '6 days'
Stephen Richards <>
London, UK - Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 10:30:03 (CDT)
I'm an aspiring author, and at 16 years old, am writing my first full length science fiction/adventure novel. I was fully immersed by 'Resurrection Day', and provided with hours of enjoyable reading. So much so, that I went out and bought 'Six Days' pretty much the same day I finshed RD. Both are extremely good books, and I'd like to thank you Mr DuBois for the enjoyment I have had reading them. Hopefully, one day, I can have my own books published and inspire others through my writing the same way you have inspired me. Thankyou again!
Stephen Robinson <>
London, UK - Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 08:02:55 (CDT)
As a long time mystery fan, I was pleased to finally find one [and a good one] written by someone with my surname. If your Huguenot family first landed in New Paltz, NY after fleeing the Catholics in about 1660, then we're related. John
John DuBois <>
renton, wa USA - Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 20:45:05 (CDT)
Brendan, I enjoyed meeting with you today. I'm looking forward very much to reading your books! Although I'm certain breakfast at your house is terrific, make sure you take your wife to the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth one of these days---you won't be disappointed! Cheers!
Jessica Gwinn <>
Portsmouth, NH USA - Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 15:14:27 (CDT)
Dear Mr. DuBois, Life is often stranger than fiction; and that's how I came across your site and eventually bought "Killer Waves" for my father's birthday. I was simply surfing the Internet, taking a break from work, and found your books and site. Your writing sounded very compelling and exactly what my father enjoys. Wouldn't you know it? The VERY next day I'm shopping for his gift and there's "Killer Waves" right in front of me! I figured it was some sort of sign and bought it. I just got a call from my father. He wanted to let me know he enjoyed your book very much and thought it to be 'fast paced', very credible and being from New England, enjoyed relating to many of your, although fictitious, settings. He even went so far to say that your description of Route 1 was incredibly accurate. He enjoyed your 'Cole' character and said, "I'll have to read the other books in this series." Another interesting tidbit you may want to here- he said that your book wasn't loaded with sex scenes and he thought it was refreshing. So many books are to the point where it becomes redundant. Well, from one DuBois to another, I thank you for writing a book that entertained my father so much and I look forward to reading it, along with your others. He, (my father), is one of those readers that, once he gets started, 'cranks' through a book, unable to put it down, (if it's good). Well, yours was one of them. Sincerely, Ellen M. DuBois, Author, "I Never Held You"-ebook
Ellen DuBois <>
MA USA - Tuesday, July 30, 2002 at 08:26:08 (CDT)
6 Days was a great book! Refreshingly realistic. Thanks for hours of entertainment. Will buy all your others now.
James Cross <>
Brussels, Belgium - Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 18:25:56 (CDT)
I read resurrection day in 2 days and immediately purchased 6 days, which I read in a single day. I just couldn�t put them down. Great characterisation and fast moving plots which are joys to read. You make the premise of each title truly believable. Keep up the good work.
Mike French <>
colchester, UK - Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 07:12:22 (CDT)
As a lifelong resident of NH who has cottages at Hampton Beach, I find your novels facinating. Not only are the plots riveting, but I derive great joy out of deciphering the fictionalized locations. I purchased copies of your first three books and sent them to a friend in Florida. She lived in Hampton Beach for 90 years (that is NOT a typo), and her parents lived in the same "fisherman's house" before her. She has been extremely homesick since being forced by her family to move to Florida and she was just delighted with your books. Thank you for cheering her up! I look forward to attending your book-signing on July 17th in Manchester.
Lynn Ann Grainger <>
Londonderry/ Hampton Beach, NH USA - Monday, July 01, 2002 at 22:27:03 (CDT)
Hey WE thought we look you up and it looks great !!!!!!!! hope all is well :-) not much going on right now we have been extremly busy. miss you and Everyone else. give a call sometime Luve ya
Bridget & Nick < &>
MMA USA - Monday, July 01, 2002 at 20:02:01 (CDT)
I have been eagerly awaiting the latest Lewis Cole mystery. I have read every one - more than once, and have gotten several friends hooked as well. Just heard about "Killer Waves" and will go out to buy it today! Thank you for creating a character that I like so well.
Maureen Lein <>
Chester, NH USA - Thursday, June 20, 2002 at 06:32:16 (CDT)
I've been enjoying the Lewis Cole series from the beginning and was very excited to get my hands on Killer Waves last night. I've also read Resurrection Day, and find that well written as well. Keep up the excellent work!
Rich Molino <>
Monroe, NY USA - Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 13:48:51 (CDT)
I have enjoyed everyone of your books, they are full of suspense you just can't put them down, I am looking forward to reading your newest book Killer Waves, I still can't seem to get my hands on six days, but I will keep trying.
Frederica Kochman <>
Newfields, NH USA - Friday, May 31, 2002 at 18:18:55 (CDT)
I have been a fan of yours since your first book came out, Dead Sand. I have eagerly awaited each succeeding Lewis Cole adventure, and am thrilled that I was able to bring home your latest one, Killer Waves, from my local bookstore today. I know I'm going to really enjoy it. Your books are really interesting - I can still picture the helicopters overhead out in the desert in Dead Sand! PS. I also have met you - you signed books at the Odyssey Bookstore in South Hadley, MA when you published Black Tide. Maybe you can come back there for a signing. Keep up the good work!
Donna Manning <>
Monson, MA USA - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 19:16:03 (CDT)
Six Days is the best thriller I've read in years - completely heart-stopping. remind me only to pick up one of your books when I have a couple of days to do nothing else!
Fiona Polden <>
UK - Friday, May 24, 2002 at 10:36:07 (CDT)
I am a 9th grade english student at Marshwood High. I would like to thank you for comming in for carreer day. I enjoyed hearing about your carreer and i am very interested in your books. My teacher is lending me a few copies. Thank You, Evan
Evan Glynn <>
South Berwick, Me USA - Friday, May 17, 2002 at 20:20:30 (CDT)
Terrified by Resurrection Day and petrified by 6 Days - loved them both, read them in a few hours! An insomniac's delight. THANKYOU!!!!!
Michelle Aherne
UK - Sunday, May 12, 2002 at 07:12:11 (CDT)
6 Days - interesting concept, good pace and storytelling. Very US-centric concept though - illustrates problem with Yanks thinking that they control the planet's destiny.
London, UK - Wednesday, May 08, 2002 at 08:46:10 (CDT)
Ijust discvered the Lewis Cole novelis in the library last week and have read the first three already. What great writing! I could not pue them down. Now for all the rest of DuBois! Cant wait
Marsha Carnahan
USA - Wednesday, May 01, 2002 at 12:27:58 (CDT)
I've just finished Resurrection sent chills down my spine as I read each page. Usually it takes me about a week to finish a novel, but this one I finished in a weekend. I just had to find out if JFK was alive and how America was going to get to the place as we now know it today. Thanks.
Kyer Arias <>
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, May 01, 2002 at 10:03:54 (CDT)
Dear Sir: Congratulations on such a strong and growing record of success in publishing your stories and novels! Any chance that a high school adaptation of "South Pacific" wou